2015 Race Results
B Group Women's Results
Place Name # of Laps Finishing Time
1st Jeralyn Petterson 5 48:27:00
2nd Amber Hoover 5 49:37:00
3rd Morgan Hurst 5 49:46:00
4th Lisa Child 5 50:54:00
5th Abby Barzee 5 51:32:00
6th Caitlin Briggs 4 49:27:00
7th Bridgette Betts 3 45:39:00
8th Jill Wright -               DNF
A Group Women's Results
Place Name # of Laps Finishing Time
1st Shae Griffin 7 57:48:00
B Group Men's Results
Place Name # of Laps Finishing Time
1st Torry Clark 5 42:46:00
2nd Tim Martindale 5 43:19:00
3rd Matt Andelin 5 44:33:00
4th Cody Dunn 5 45:58:00
5th Jordan Garrett 5 46:18:00
6th Dante Betts 5 46:26:00
7th Zachary Huckbody 5 47:02:00
8th Rocky DeGroff 5 48:50:00
9th Austin Child 5 51:54:00
10th Richard Wright -               DNF
A Group Men's Results
Place Name # of Laps Finishing Time
1st Gabe Klamer 7 51:03:00
2nd Kelton Williams 7 51:38:00
3rd Luke Ramseth 7 52:00:00
4th Dan Streubel 7 52:01:00
5th Eric Balog 7 54:02:00
6th David Overson 7 54:20:00
7th Joseph Hill 7 54:30:00
8th Byron Woodruff 7 54:37:00
9th Kellin Birch 7 54:43:00
10th Bob Walker 7 55:00:00
11th Tyson Scott 7 55:03:00
12th Troy Clark 7 55:13:00
13th Zac Petterson 7 55:45:00
14th Scott Scholes 7 55:47:00
15th Ryan Shirley 7 55:54:00
16th Dan Wendt 7 57:04:00
17th Ryan Lockhart 7 57:24:00
18th David Conner 7 57:48:00
Christopher Babb
Anthony Perkins
21st Tim Meikle 7 58:09:00
22nd Dan Griffin 7 58:10:00
23rd Dave Anderson 7 58:36:00
24th Kevin Gibson 7 58:41:00
25th Jeff Hancock 6 51:38:00
26th Chris Huckinson 6 54:19:00
27th Nick Dunn 6 59:17:00
28th Joe Temus 6 59:25:00
29th Kyle Kinghorn 6 1:00:05
30th Carson Williams 5              DNF

Group A 2014
Name Bib # Place Total Laps Time
Dave Bergart 85 1 7 48:06:00
Dan Streubel 83 2 7 48:30:00
Luke Ramseth 100 3 7 48:36:00
Kelton Williams 91 4 7 48:44:00
Brian Williams 90 5 7 49:00:00
Eric Balog 86 6 7 49:14:00
Kellen Birch 38 7 7 49:15:00
Forest Dramis 81 8 7 49:47:00
Jeff Hancock 48 9 7 50:15:00
Chris Perkins 99 10 7 50:40:00
Zac Peterson 97 11 7 50:46:00
Kris Walker 61 12 7 51:59:00
Tom Baird 55 13 7 52:00:00
Dave Anderson 96 14 7 52:19:00
Jeff Banks 168 15 7 52:51:00
Dan Griffin 93 16 7 53:00:00
Joseph Hill 59 17 7 53:02:00
Weston Dunn 95/57 18 7 53:14:00
Stephanie Liddle 94 19 7 53:47:00
Kyle Kinghorn 84 20 7 54:05:00
Ryon Lockhart 87 21 7 54:33:00
Chris Huskison 58 22 7 54:58:00
Joshua Swenson 69 23 7 55:27:00
Shae Griffin 92 24 7 55:46:00
Tyson Scott 98 25 6 48:38:00
Bob Walker 62 26 6 48:54:00
Dan Wendt 64 27 6 52:11:00
Levi Adams 80 28 6 52:28:00
Chris Shiffler 70 29 1 NF

Group B 2014
NameBib #PlaceTotal LapsTime
Bryon Woodruff651537:59:00
Peter Joyce322538:11:00
Jordan Garrett573538:14:00
Lee Rogers894539:40:00
Bob Ellis315540:07:00
Sam Anderson676541:38:00
Deanna Halford827542:56:00
Marshall Thomas568543:06:00
Cody Dunn539545:03:00
Stephanie Hancock4610545:17:00
Ashley Adamson3911545:18:00
Taylor Jenks8812545:30:00
Nathan Schaat5213546:34:00
Taylor Rhodes4014438:28:00
Dawn Anderson6615438:57:00
Amber Hoover6816439:23:00
Krista Jackson 3417440:28:00
Oliver Hancock4718441:12:00
Lynn Wendt6319442:34:00

Kids 2-6 Years Old 2014
Name Bib # Place
Russell Albaugh 49 1st
Tyler Albaugh 50
Helam Swenson 33
Logan Jensen 36
Lola Birch 37
Ronin Ricks 44
Kids 6-12 Years Old 2014


Bib #

Alex Walters 41 1st 
Connor Kennedy 51
Ethan Baird  54
Rebecca Kinghorn 60
Kaden Jensen 35
Charlotte Hancock 45
Cole Walters 42
Britta Walters 43


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