Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This year's Cube Cyclocross race will be held on Saturday, October 29th. Mark your calendars now and spread the word around the cycling community.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cube Cyclocross Race Photos

We have some awesome photos from our A race this year. Take a look at them on the following Facebook pages and enjoy!
Rexburg Races Facebook Page
Kelson Bikes Facebook Photos

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Race Results

Thank you to everyone who came out to this year's Cube Cyclocross Race! We had a great turn out this year and beautiful fall weather. We can't wait until next years race. Posted below are the results from this years race. Keep your eye out over the next few days for race day pictures to be posted here and on our Rexburg Races Facebook page.

B Group Women's Results
Place Name # of Laps Finishing Time
1st Jeralyn Petterson 5 48:27:00
2nd Amber Hoover 5 49:37:00
3rd Morgan Hurst 5 49:46:00
4th Lisa Child 5 50:54:00
5th Abby Barzee 5 51:32:00
6th Caitlin Briggs 4 49:27:00
7th Bridgette Betts 3 45:39:00
8th Jill Wright -               DNF
A Group Women's Results
Place Name # of Laps Finishing Time
1st Shae Griffin 7 57:48:00
B Group Men's Results
Place Name # of Laps Finishing Time
1st Torry Clark 5 42:46:00
2nd Tim Martindale 5 43:19:00
3rd Matt Andelin 5 44:33:00
4th Cody Dunn 5 45:58:00
5th Jordan Garrett 5 46:18:00
6th Dante Betts 5 46:26:00
7th Zachary Huckbody 5 47:02:00
8th Rocky DeGroff 5 48:50:00
9th Austin Child 5 51:54:00
10th Richard Wright -               DNF
A Group Men's Results
Place Name # of Laps Finishing Time
1st Gabe Klamer 7 51:03:00
2nd Kelton Williams 7 51:38:00
3rd Luke Ramseth 7 52:00:00
4th Dan Streubel 7 52:01:00
5th Eric Balog 7 54:02:00
6th David Overson 7 54:20:00
7th Joseph Hill 7 54:30:00
8th Byron Woodruff 7 54:37:00
9th Kellin Birch 7 54:43:00
10th Bob Walker 7 55:00:00
11th Tyson Scott 7 55:03:00
12th Troy Clark 7 55:13:00
13th Zac Petterson 7 55:45:00
14th Scott Scholes 7 55:47:00
15th Ryan Shirley 7 55:54:00
16th Dan Wendt 7 57:04:00
17th Ryan Lockhart 7 57:24:00
18th David Conner 7 57:48:00
Christopher Babb
Anthony Perkins
21st Tim Meikle 7 58:09:00
22nd Dan Griffin 7 58:10:00
23rd Dave Anderson 7 58:36:00
24th Kevin Gibson 7 58:41:00
25th Jeff Hancock 6 51:38:00
26th Chris Huckinson 6 54:19:00
27th Nick Dunn 6 59:17:00
28th Joe Temus 6 59:25:00
29th Kyle Kinghorn 6 1:00:05
30th Carson Williams 5                     DNF

Friday, October 23, 2015

Race Day is Tomorrow

It's finally here! The Cube Cyclocross race will be tomorrow starting at 10:30am at Nature Park. We can't wait for this years event. With the beautiful fall weather we are expecting a great turn out this year. Just a few reminders: The kids race will begin at 10:30 am, the B race will begin at 11:00 am, and the A race will begin at noon. The kids will all get to decorate Halloween sugar cookies after their race and we will also have a food truck and music at the event. So make sure to invite your friends and family to come out and cheer you on at this event. We can't wait to see you tomorrow at the Cube Cyclocross bike race.