Monday, November 9, 2009

Race 2 Schedule

Registration will be open from 9 am to 10am. Racers are welcome to be on the track till 10:15.

The Cubez race will be at 10:30 and last 25 minutes. Awards and raffle will be given directly after.

The Men's and Women's Beginners will be begin approximately at 11:15 and will last 45 minutes. Awards will be given right after, but raffle will be combined with advanced racers.

*Women's Advanced will be tentatively scheduled for 12:15.

*Men's Advanced will be tentatively scheduled for 1:00.

*If numbers are low in that category we will combine with the Men's Advanced category and that combined advanced racers will begin at 12:30. So be prepared men to race at 12:30 and not 1:00 depending on numbers.

The awards and raffle for all adult categories will be given immediately the last race.


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